About Let The Dog Out

The mission of Let the Dog Out Inc. is to be the first choice company for taking care of your pets while you are away or otherwise preoccupied.

What makes Let the Dog Out a unique and versatile service is that we are always available when you are not. The team at LTDO has always owned dogs and as a result we are all aware of how busy life gets and how hard it can be to fit your dog’s schedule into your lifestyle. Life sometimes just gets in the way.

Well we are happy to inform you that Let the Dog Out becomes a part of your dog’s life in order to create a routine where your dog can thrive! Worried about making it home in time to feed your dog or cat? Worried about not making it home for a potty break because you got caught up at the office? Worried that your dog is not going to get enough exercise for the day because you just do not have the time? Are you working from home and need a break from your dog? Well we promise you that your problems are now only a few clicks away. Not only does Let The Dog Out guarantee satisfaction but we guarantee that your animals will love our staff.

Let The Dog Out is ensuring the availability of professionally trained dog walkers, 8am to 8pm 7 days a week.

Dog Walking Guelph


The most important thing is why choose Let The Dog Out? Our team loves animals and have owned pets their entire life. We know how important that furry friend is to you, and we want to provide the love and care for your pet when you need it.

The love and joy that they bring to our lives is shared with the pet owner. We treat them as family and we treat them how we would want our family to be treated.

Our 4 STAR Pillars

Our team work closely together to build a creative and positive working environment. Functionality is as important to us as aesthetics. We break all boundaries if they happen on our way of project’s development!